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A fresh cutting is well exposed in the upper part of the mountain
Rechtswert:  9.891471161
Northing: 47.107158173


A fresh cutting is well exposed in the upper part of the mountain


From “Rellseck” (1,483 m above sea level.) a scenic view opens up on the mountains of the Rätikon, the Walgau valley and the part of the Rhine valley that is in Vorarlberg as well as the Swiss Säntis mountain group and into the Alpine foreland.

The Nappe Structure of the Alps

Here you can see rocks originating from the African and European continents. The continents were separated by 2 small oceans covering a distance of more than 2,000 km. About 140 million years ago, during the Alpine orogeny the different units – the African plate, the lost micro-continents the small oceans and the European platform – were stacked.

The mass movement of Davenna

The slopes west of the Davenna peak towards Lorüns are wooded, whereas the slopes going to St. Anton show hardly any vegetation at all. They do show fresh rock cuttings though. One such fresh cutting is well exposed in the upper part of the mountain.

The Groundwater Flow in the Mountains

There are several springs on the valley floor near Lörüns. About 250 to 300 litres of high-quality-water reach the surface from the depths (or rather peaks) of the mountains per second. A detailed investigation showed that the water needs about 7 years to seep through the rock from the peak regions of Saulakopf and Zimba to the valley floor at Lorüns.

Detailed information up to plate 12 at the Alpilakopf

The trail follows the border of the Alpiner Muschelkalk to the younger Partnach Formation. The boundary can be easily seen in the field. While there are trees growing on the carbonates, the trees on the marls and clay stones of the Partnach formation were chopped down to make way for meadows. At plate 9 you can take a shortcut which takes you directly to plate 20 and 21, at the Fritzensee.



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