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The Lake Luener power station has a capacity of 232,000 kw
Rechtswert:  9.899458359
Northing: 47.098783546


The Lake Luener power station has a capacity of 232,000 kw

Vorarlberg Ill Power Plant Corporation

The Vorarlberg Ill Power Plant Corp. is an electricity supplier that produces peak and control energy. Lakes in the Silvretta and Raetikon store inflowing water and release it at the power plant, 1,000 metres below. Because energy cannot be stored in large quantities, the power plants must produce the exact amount of energy needed at the moment; or it could cause power failures on the network.


Your present location is exactly on the transition from the Silvretta Crystalline to overlying sedimentary rocks of the Northern Calcareous Alps. Continuing east, you can take a shortcut directly to the Knappagruoba.

Regional Geology

Here the underground consists of various nappes. If you drilled near Vandans you would first hit the Austroalpine nappes of the Northern Calcareous Alps, then the Penninic nappes that came from 2 ocean floors and a small continent that disappeared into the earth and then the Helvetic nappes which form part of the European continent. Below that is the Molasse zone at a depth of 6,000 m.


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