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The Power Plants

by Theresa König last modified 2007-02-16 13:57

The Power Plants

The masses of water with heights up to 1,538 meters from the Silvretta, Vermunt, Kops and Luener lakes are used in various power plant levels.  With the start-up of the Kops Power Plant II pump storage in the inner Montafon will also be possible.  The water will be run through a 20 km. long tunnel with huge valley bridges over the Gargellen Valley, the Gampadel Valley and the Gauer Valley from Partenen to Latschau. 
Once in Latschau the water can either be pumped up into in the annual reservoir, Luener Lake using the Luener Lake pump storage power station or – after being used in the intermediate power station, Latschau, it is temporarily stored in the Latschau reservoir.  The Rodund plants I and II use the water in the Latschau reservoir to run their turbines.  The water is fed through the 21 km long Walgau tunnel to the Walgau plant from the equalizing reservoir in Rodund.  Numerous feeder roads and cable cars were built for the construction and running of the power plants.  Today they have significantly broadened the Golm hiking and ski areas in and around Tschagguns.


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