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Forest School

by Alexander Sohm last modified 2007-01-08 13:13

You are now inside the Silbertal Forest School classroom.  The first and up until now, only, forest school in Vorarlberg.  Walk through the mountain forests using all of your senses, smell and taste the forest, feel and experience it, that is the motto of the Silbertal Forest School.  Young and old, relaxed or athletic – everyone can get to know the forest from another angle.  

The Silbertal Forest School is run by the Stand Montafon and is involved with all the facets of life in the forest.  From the general uses of the mountain forest to the utilization of the forest and also special subjects like “Mountain Forest Protection Sign”, “Living Space – Forest” or “Tracks in the Snow”, there is enough information to fill up the three to four hour long guided tours.  The information is given directly in the great outdoors, in all kinds of weather and at any time of year.

The Silbertal Forest School was opened in June, 2005.  The development of the project as well as the construction of the forest school building was supported by the LEADER + programme.  The construction was built in the typical Montafon style: Rustic with a shingled roof, white window frames and green shutters.  The wood used for construction came from the area around the school.  The fence that surrounds the building is called a “Schragazu” in the local dialect and is a typical pasture fence that was used in the early days to keep the cattle in.  If you look at it closely you will notice that not one nail was used to build it.  The small building that is standing on its own is our Sanitary Facility the so-called Out House.  Some of the school children that have come here think it’s very cool!


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