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by Frießnegger Harald last modified 2007-01-08 12:17

If you climb from Dalaas to Kristberg, you will reach the Kristbergsattel (Christ Mountain Saddle) at 1,484 meters.  The path from here goes in the direction of the Montafon.  Here, at the crossing point the view of the Rhaeticon and down to the Silbertal opens up.  The Romanian word “crista” comes up in many of the names for the meadows and can be translated as mountain ridge.

The Kristberg crossing point was an important link between the Klostertal and Montafon for hundreds of years.  When talking about mining on the Kristberg, the importance of Dalaas shouldn’t be forgotten since it was an important reloading point in the Klostertal thanks to its convenient location.  Many of the miners as well as travellers used the mule track that led down from the Kristbergsattel to the Klostertal.

The path over the Kristbergsattel played an important role in the exchange of agricultural products between Klostertal and the Montafon for centuries.  Traditionally livestock was brought from the Klostertal to the important inter-regional cattle market in Schruns.  The bulls were taken from Dalaas to the Alpine pasture, Buchen in Silbertal at the beginning of the summer.   Cattle crossings also went in the other direction, for example, the livestock dealers from the Montafon used pastures in the Klostertal to graze their sheep.  The chapel known today as “Bruderhüsle” or “Brother House” is witness to the lively agricultural relationships over the Kristberg with all of the names and initials that many of the cattle drovers carved into it.




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