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The Term Montafon

by Alexander Sohm last modified 2007-01-08 12:01

The roots of the word Montafon are in the language of Rhaetia-Romanian.  When summarising historical research Andreas Rudigier realized that many attempts have been made to try to translate this term into modern day language.  Studies of the language have come up with “Grubenberg or durchlöcherter Berg”, which mean  “Mine Mountain” or “Pitted Mountain”, names that obviously took the valley tradition of mining into consideration.  Another study of local history came up with “Bergbrunn” which means “Well Mountain”  or “Stillalpenberg” which means “Quiet Alpine Mountain”, while another research team thought that the term Montafon meant mountain, mountain.

All of the different translations cannot be commented on here.  Suffice it to say that the connection between the name of the valley and the ever present mountains can be seen when looking at the name it was given.  The Latin word Mons means mountain which makes the connection to the mountain(s) clear.

These versions are supported by documents from the Middle Ages that show that the ridge or a bank of the mountain from Bartholomaeberg to Kristberg carried the name of Montafon.  Like so many other Alpine valleys, the local description of the area was later the origin for the name of the whole valley.


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