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by Alexander Sohm last modified 2007-01-08 12:57

The Kristberg, with its breathtaking view of the Verwall and Raetikon mountain ranges is known as the viewpoint terrace in the Montafon.  Next to Gargellen, the Silbertal is the only inhabited side valley of the Montafon main valley.  It runs in an easterly direction all the way to the border to the Tyrol.  If you look to the east you can see the impressive mountains: Lobspitz with a height of 2,605 meters, with the Lobschild at 2,445 meters and the Fellimaenle at 2,211 meters on the right.

At the back of the Silbertal the 2,771 meter high Valschevieler Maderer sticks out.  It borders on the neighbouring communities of St. Gallenkirch and Gaschurn.  Above the forested slopes of the Silbertal Schattwald, we see the Hochjochstock which is a popular excursion destination in the summer with the lakes Schwarzsee and Herzsee as well as the Alpine pasture called Innerkapell at the foot of the Hochjoch.  During the winter it is one of the most attractive ski areas in the Montafon.

If you look towards the entrance to the valley, where the main valley starts, you can see the main village, Schruns which is nestled in the basin between the neighbouring villages of Tschagguns to the south west and Bartholomaeberg to the north.  With its many stores and important facilities for the valley, as well as the railway connection to Bludenz, Schruns is the central village in the valley.  The main valley stretches out from Schruns in a south easterly direction towards the inner Montafon which is also called Innerfratte, and continues on to the end of the valley at Partenen.

Besides the Verwall mountain range that stretches into the neighbouring Tyrol, the Montafon is separated from Switzerland by the Silvretta group to the south and the Raetikon group in the southwest.

If you look to the south-west you can see the striking peak of the Raetikon.  The light peak and rugged summit are made up of white and light grey carbonates of the northern Lime Alps or the Penninic nappe.   The “Drei Türme” or “Three Towers” and to their right, the “Drusenfluh”  should help you with your orientation.  Next to the Sulzfluh on the left, Weissplatte and Scheienfluh in the background are also a part of this impressive scenery.  To the right of the Drusenfluh you can see the Kirchlspitzen or Church spires, the impressive Zimba also known as the Matterhorn of the Montafon with the stone wall in Vandans forms the end of the valley in the direction of Bludenz.

Latschau, at the entrance to the Gauertal lies directly under the ski region of Golm.  The penstock that is used to conduct water from the Luener Lake to the hydro electric plants of the Vorarlberg Power Co. in Lautschau can be easily seen on the slopes opposite.

With a view of the community and hillside settlement of Bartholomaeberg in the north west, the Innerberg Parcel in the foreground and a view of the Alpilakopf which covers the local mountain of Bartholomaeberg – the Itonskopf our view of the Kristberg, the most beautiful part of the Montafon comes to an end.


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