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District of Kristberg

by Alexander Sohm last modified 2007-01-08 12:54

One of the sunniest areas with the most views in the Silbertal is the Kristberg.  This parcel of land reaches an altitude of 1,450 meters and its approximately 150 inhabitants are there all year round.  

One distinct feature is the fact that the children have to take the Kristberg cable railway to school.  There is also a street that leads up to the Kristberg but only the villagers are permitted to use it.  

Immigration of the Walsers from the Canton of Wallis in Switzerland began in the 13th century.  They mostly settled in higher and remote mountain valleys.  The main reason that they settled on the Kristberg was probably because of the deposits of silver found there.  Silver and copper were mined and smelted in the Silbertal and then taken over the Kristberg and the Arlberg to Hall in Tyrol where the silver was processed.  In those days the Kristberg was also called the Silberberg or Silver Mountain.  After America was discovered and during the 30 year war, silver mining came to a complete standstill.

Nowadays, the Kristberg is a popular excursion destination well worth going to.  Besides the many Mayfield houses (comfortable holiday homes), there are also two restaurants there.  Tourists can choose between hiking, mountain biking, historical tours to St. Agatha’s chapel – the oldest church in the Montafon, educational tours of the forest with the Silbertal Forest School, natural Kneipp facilities and skiing – it is a very popular family ski resort which also offers cross country skiing, winter hikes and snow shoe hikes.  The Wildried, or Game moor is famous for its natural beauty and is the uppermost high moor in Europe.


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