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The Litz Dam

by Theresa König last modified 2007-01-09 21:17

On the right you can see the Montafon Music School.  Part of the building is used as a D-I-Y store.  There used to be a goods cable car that ran from there to Bartholomaeberg.  The Litz dam was built in 1910 which developed the area for settlements.  Construction was directed by the Master builder Alois Negrelli.  At that time, he worked for a company in Vorarlberg and later he oversaw the building of the Suez Canal.  The source of the Litz River is in the back of the Silbertal on the border to the Tyrol.  Except for here where it has been straightened, the Litz runs a natural course.  Let's continue our walk past the Gruet Secondary School.  Up until the 1970's the Schruns swimming pool was located where the sports field is today.


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