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From here you can see the Tschagguns pilgrimage church.  On the left is the vicarage courtyard and above it, the Tschagguns Mittagspitze.  According to old documents, Tschagguns was already an independent parish in the year 1431.  Other documents mention a church as early as 1339.  The discovery of a foundation led to the conclusion that it was probably a Romanian construction.  Between 1452 and 1454 a gothic church was built and then extended in 1598.  Between 1751 and 1754 the church was made larger again to compensate for the many pilgrims that came here.  The church was renovated again from 1812 to 1814.  This time the construction was baroque.  Since 1983 the church has been continuously renovated, since the council wanted it to be reduced back to the substance of the liturgy.  For this reason many of the paintings on the walls were uncovered and restored and many of the art treasures brought to the state archives.

The Ill and the Litz rivers flow out of the Silbertal and join together at this spot.  To the north you can see the Gauenstein Cloister and under it, directly behind the Shell gas station, you can see what used to be a hospital called "Maria Rast".  Maria Rast was used as a hunting lodge by the Count von Tettnang from the year 1536.  From 1657 to 1734 it belonged to Johann Baptist Fritz who served the Count.  In 1710, the owners were knighted and from then on were known as The Knights of Gauenstein.  In 1869 it was a restaurant with its own brewery and changed hands several times.  One famous regular guest was the Prussian minister of culture, Adalbert Falk, a great statesman and mountain enthusiast.  In 1885 the Sisters of Illanz, from Switzerland owned it and used it as a sanatorium and agricultural school.   

It was here that Dr. Albrich, the Spa doctor, started his career in the 1950's.  The building housed the first medical laboratory in Vorarlberg with an x-ray station.  It was upgraded to a hospital in 1960 and closed again in 2004. Dr. Albrich founded the Montafon Spa in Maria Rast and with that made Schruns a famous health resort.  From this point you can also see that the Montafon Railway tracks used to be separated.  From here the train tracks led to the hindmost part of the Montafon, Partenen.

Let's go on a bit further, cross the main street and the railway line and then walk along the right bank of the Litz promenade towards Schruns.  Please be careful crossing the road and the railway tracks. 


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