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Viewpoint Landschrofen

by Theresa König last modified 2007-01-09 21:17

On the left we come to the viewpoint called "Landschrofen".  It offers a beautiful view of Tschagguns and Gantschier, which is a part of Schruns.  From here we also have a good view of the pilgrimage church in Tschagguns.  The forested hill in front of you is called "Kresta" which has a very interesting nature trail.  Behind it is the Latschau Reservoir.  The Aqua Hiking Trail leads from Latschau to Bitschweil.  True to its name, the aqua hiking trail offers many stations that have to do with water.  From Latschau you can take the Golm Cable Car up to the Golm and when there, walk along the research path where you can learn a lot about the animals and nature.  The Lünersee power plant which belongs to the Vorarlberg Ill Plant is located by the Latschau Reservoir. A pressure tunnel runs from there to the Lünersee in the Brandnertal or Brandner Valley.  The Lünersee is the largest natural lake in the Alps. 

The water is pumped through a pressure tunnel over 1,000 meters high.  The Vorarlberg Ill power plant can supply power to the German network within 76 seconds from their power plant in the Montafon. 

You can also see the Gauertal or Gauer Valley from here.  The Linauer Hut is located at the end under the Three Towers.  The whole mountain range is called the "Raetikon" and forms the border to Switzerland.  On the left of the Gauertal, under the Mittagspitze, is the hiking and skiing area, Grabs.  The ski lift in Grabs is a single seat lift which started operating in 1957.  It was one of the first chair lifts in Austria.  The first Austrian ski championship took place there.  Later on, famous Gold Key Races, World Cup Races took place in Schruns and Tschagguns. 

The forests in the Montafon are mostly Spruce.  Maintenance of the forests have been intensified over the last few years because they were getting too old and they are pushing for a mixed forest.  The forests in the Montafon protect against avalanches and landslides.  Here, in Gantschier a new bio mass power plant is being built that will supply heating to the village centres of Schruns and Tschagguns.

From here we go on towards "Kaltenbrunnen".


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