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The Adernstern

by Theresa König last modified 2007-01-09 21:17

We are now in the Gaueser Forest.  The forest was named after the Gauer Valley where many of the stones that can be seen here are from. They were moved here during the last ice age by a glacier.  Over by the red sign that says "Vorsicht Abgrund" which means  "Careful, Abyss!"  there is a very special stone - a vein star that goes by the name of Sun Stone.  This stone has been examined by many scientists and since a complete construction of blue stones have been laid free in Bürserberg near Bludenz, the blue stones have been getting a lot of attention. The angle of this stone is 23°.  This angle corresponds to the highest point of the moon's orbit of the southern lunar solstice around the year 2000 BC.  According to the researcher, Gerhard Pirchl who has looked into the subject of blue stones intensively, this stone was probably used during the night as an astrological observation point and during the day as a sun dial.  The perpendicular workmanship all around it makes sense when you imagine putting 18 poles into them in order to take bearings from the sun.   If we can believe the research, traces of the megalith culture can be found here.  Stone circles and stone constructions can be found from the Atlantic to the Caucasus, the most well known being Stonehenge.  Look at the stone closely and maybe you'll get an idea of what it was.

From here, the Gaueser Forest offers lots of possibilities for children to play - but be careful.  The abyss is very deep.  Please stay well clear of it.


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