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Looking inwards to the valley you can see the hiking area of the Silvretta Nova and behind it you can make out a few peaks of the Silvretta.

Underneath the two white canvas cupola roofs, close to the shore of the Ill River, you will find Vorarlberg's largest recreational park, the Aktivpark Montafon, with an area of over 80, 000² meters. Included in this are the outdoor adventure pool, the adventure forest and the three soccer fields. On the right of the Aktivpark, you can see the world famous sport surgeon, Dr. Schenk's, clinic with its helicopter landing pad.

The Parish church in Schruns is dedicated to St. Jodok.  On your left you can see the Hochjoch cable car railway which will bring you up to the Kapell first and then on up to the Sennigrat.  On a clear day you can get a good view of the Worms Hut or Wormser Hütte.

Schruns is the capital city of the Montafon and lies in a large valley inlet.  The famous Swiss author Heer described Schruns over 100 years ago like this: "More like a coquette city than a village, the first municipality in Vorarlberg, which has become the style of summer freshness, generally the most visited tourist centre in the country".

In 1925 and 1926, the author and Nobel Prize recipient, Ernest Hemingway spent a lot of time in Schruns.  He later worked his experiences here into the short story "The Snows of Kilimanjaro".

Famous politicians, personalities and royalty visited the spa of the world famous Dr. Albrich in the Montafon. The former Chancellor of Germany, Helmut Kohl was also a frequent guest in the former Spa hotel.  Since 2003, the tourism industries in Schruns and Tschagguns have been united. Together, they have a total population of about 6,500 with just as many guest beds!

Cardinal Christoph Schönborn also comes from Montjola.

During the avalanche winter of 1954, the Montjola avalanche brought disaster to the population and destroyed many houses.  It thundered into the city centre of Schruns and took many lives.

Let’s go farther west in the direction of the Gauenstein Cloister.  After a few meters you will pass by a typical Montafon style house.  These houses are typically brick in the middle with the entry being on the long side of the house instead of on the gabled side.


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