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The Batlogg Monument

by Theresa König last modified 2007-01-09 21:17

The Batlogg Monument is across the street from the Cafe Alpina.  Johann Josef Batlogg was born in 1751 in the Montafon and later became mayor, judge and a defender of the country.  The warlike altercations brought on by the French revolution were also felt in Vorarlberg from the year 1794, and in 1799 Batlogg successfully defended Vorarlberg and the Montafon against the French that came here by way of Switzerland.  The monument, which was created by Jakob Bertle, the artist, was erected here in the winter of 1907.  Today there is still the Batloggstrasse and the Batlogg Hall - now called the Kulturbuehne or Culture Stage which were named after the freedom fighter. 

From here the famous Litz promenade with its Lime tree avenue takes you to Tschagguns.

The Maklott House with the pink, art nouveau facade belongs to the Maklott family.  The person that built it was the last mine owner in the Montafon and a very rich man.  The pedestrian zone starts behind the house, with the only Rheatia-Romanian city centre in the Montafon.  Above, on the left side of the Litz river, you can see the old loden factory.  The owners took part in the world exhibition in Paris.  In 1906 / 07 Heinrich Mayer, the owner of the loden factory added a modern steam bath and shower in the basement which was designed by Hanns Kornberger, a well known Vorarlberg art nouveau architect.  In the three years that it existed, it was mostly guests that used it rather than the local inhabitants who saw it as a place that would “hatch vices”.  In 1910 part of the building was destroyed together with a bakery and a mill by a flood which was one of the reasons that the Litz dam was built in 1912.    The bath house remained standing but it was so badly damaged that it had to be closed down temporarily and then permanently when the guests stopped coming  at the beginning of the First World War.

On your left you can see the Hotel Krone, owned by the Mayer family.  They have always been a progressive family and ran the very first power plant here which supplied the villages with electricity up until a few years ago.  In the hotel itself you can see beautiful wooden lounges made by David Bitschnau of Silbertal who was also at the world exhibition in the 19th century.  You can also see some of the works he produced in the Royal Palace of Herrenchiemsee in Bavaria.


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