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The Whirlwind on the Zamang Alp

by Theresa König last modified 2007-11-07 12:13

One day a man from the Montafon was out haying near the Zamang Alp.  There is a witches place on the Zamang that everyone in the valley knows about.  It is round and covered in black moss, and witches often had fun there dancing.  There were especially a lot of witches there from the region of Alsace who came to dance on the invulnerable place.  While the man was haying a whirlwind came and blew all of the dry hay away.  The man was so mad that he threw his stiletto into the witch‘s wind and it actually took it away.  The next fall the man from Montafon went to Alsace to pick cabbage and he went into a house there and saw his stiletto sticking in the corner of a table.  He asked how the stiletto had made its way to Alsace and the owner of the house told him that the stiletto had been thrown into his daughter‘s knee the summer before in Montafon. 


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