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The Sunken City of Prazalanz

by Theresa König last modified 2007-11-07 11:45

On the way from Bludenz to the Montafon Valley there is an even, green dip not far from Lorüns which is crowned by the small St. Anton‘s church.  In the local dialect it is called the Santatöner Alma.  According to legend there was a city here by the name of Prazalanz in ancient times which disappeared over time.  One report says that the parish priest was sitting unhappily in the parish square one day, while the citizens of Prazalanz were out dancing.  The priest‘s dog suddenly started whining and pacing up and down.  In the end, the priest got up and followed the dog out of the city.  As soon as he was out the mountain buried the city of sin behind him.  Others say that the frivolous behaviour of the citizens of Prazalanz was attested to with the consumption of the most wonderful white bread.  The goat herders tried to warn them about the danger of the opulent city on the overhanging mountain, but no-one listened.1


Vonbun 1980: 130


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