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The Night Folk in Vandans

by Theresa König last modified 2007-11-08 10:54

When people that went to church early on Sunday morning they could hear the Night Folk of the Ill River going in and out of the provost’s house.  It was a many voiced medley, beautiful youthful voices singing and the sound of brass instruments.  It sounded like the roar of raging torrents and the snaps of a whip.  Happy laughter was followed by cries of pain and in between it was suddenly silent.  In the old days it wasn’t uncommon to hear this noisy group of ghosts going up and down along the Mustergiel River at dusk or during the night.  It would lead the people astray or hold them at bay in the bushes. 1


1 Beitl 1982: 257 


P11-2_The Night Folk in Vandans.mp3

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