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The Lake between Vandans and St. Anton

by Theresa König last modified 2007-11-07 11:09

In the year 1894 the Vens Torrent in Vandans brought so much debris with it from the Vandans Stone Wall or Vandanser Steinwand, that the run off from the Ill River was interrupted.  Because of this, a lake that ran quite a few kilometres long formed between Vandans and St. Anton.  In 1910, the same thing happened again.  The railway lines were disrupted and the streets were impassable and the damage to the fields was very grave.  The people from the Guest house Schäfle/Post  made a virtue out of the misery – or at the least, they did some business.  Both times when this happened, the had row boats brought up from Lake Constance and rented them out to the many onlookers who came to the Montafon to look at the lake.  It lasted for a few months and was a sensation back then that attracted a lot of people. 1


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