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The Mustergiel Bridge

by Theresa König last modified 2007-11-08 11:09

One night around midnight a man started to cross the Mustergiel Bridge.  All of sudden he sneezed and heard a voice coming up from under the bridge saying “God bless you”.  The man was curious and looked under the bridge where he saw a little old lady who told him this sad story:
“One day I was out with my husband and we crossed this bridge.  My husband sneezed and instead of saying ‘God bless you’ I thought to myself ‘If only you would choke to death’.  Shortly after that he did choke to death and I died soon afterwards.  Ever since then I’ve had to stay here and wait until someone went by and sneezed so that I could say ‘God bless you.’”1


1 vgl. Elsensohn 2006: 155


P12-2_The Mustergiel Bridge.mp3

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