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History of the Chapel

by Theresa König last modified 2007-11-07 11:22

The Venserbild Chapel is located at the outermost northern edge of Vandans at the end of Untervens.  It was built because of a promise.  In the year 1613 the plague was raging in Vandans and 180 people died there within 3 months.  The farm woman, Anna Planggin who was in the middle of all this misery pledged to build a chapel in honour of the Virgin Mary and St. Sebastian, the patron saint of plagues, if the district of Vens was spared from the pest.  Her prayers were heard and the pest stopped at Mustergielbach, never reaching the district of Vens.  The chapel was built the very same year and has been extended and renovated a number of times since then, the first time being in 1697.  Ever since then it has been a pilgrimage chapel which is attested to by the many votive plaques.  There are 3 baroque altars in it with the main altar decorated with a late gothic painting of the last supper.  Above it is the picture of the Madonna with the baby Jesus.  It is still a popular place of pilgrimage today and is also used a lot for weddings.  The local population takes loving care of it.1


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