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Introduction to the Legends

by Theresa König last modified 2007-11-07 12:38

The entire Montafon is a legendary region in every sense of the word.  Not only because of the wonderful natural landscape but also because of the treasure trove of legends that surround the area.  The Vandans Legend Trail is a small expedition into the world of myths in the Montafon Valley that is teeming with creatures like, Fenggen, Doggis, Witches, Buetzen and of course the night folk.  

Legends are an integral part of local traditions.   They are stories that relate experiences with or about the supernatural, strange and just plain weird.   A legend is always closely connected to the immediate surroundings in which it is told – the places, the people and the events.  It also teaches, warns or advises and therefore often has an educational purpose that expresses the values of society.  The legend mirrors the relationship of the people with dangers, temptations, wishes and events of the times.  Due to the special and often hard conditions that the people in Vandans and in fact, the entire Montafon, had to live with, and because of the ever present overpowering and unpredictable forces of nature, these legends have their own unique character.  The way the people from Vandans dealt with those terrible events in the past tell us a lot about the region and the people that live there.  The stories and the local legends should shed light on the local culture on the one hand, and on the other hand they should help deepen the relationship between the region and its impressive natural beauty and the people who live here or are visiting.  The information given here should arouse interest and call for understanding in order for us to be able to improve the relationship between the environment, the people and technology.  



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