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The Wandering Butz

by Theresa König last modified 2007-11-07 11:58

This story took place around the year 1830.  This particular Butz was very busy back then. The people often saw a wandering light between midnight and 1 a.m. on the Gluandi meadow.  It resided at Stehauers house.  Once, in the entranceway of the house it sounded like a dozen cats were having a carnival.  Finally a priest was called to place a benediction on the house.  The Butz disappeared.  A few days later, however, the trouble maker moved into the „Marxa House“.  A young married couple lived there with their baby.  During the night the child was put in a cradle next to the mother‘s bed in a side room.  Once - just as the clocks were striking midnight and the moon was shining through the window, the cradle rocked so hard that it turned over and the child was thrown out onto the floor. A few days later the child got sick and died.  In order to try to ward off any more bad luck, Mr. Marx went out and bought a big crucifix and nailed it to the gable of the house - which, by the way is still there today.  The Butz left.  But it didn‘t go far.  Two days later it was rampaging through the Schoders’ House.  It was extremely noisy, throwing the water bucket and pans on the floor of the kitchen and drumming on the pots with a ladle.  On the second night it walked around in the cellar and threw the wooden utensils used to make cheese with on to the floor.  On the third night they could hear how the front door opened and then slammed shut.  The man of the house finally went to Schruns and bought a cross and nailed it to the front door.  The following night a ruckus was raised in the entrance hall.  Everybody in the house was too frightened to move.  In the morning, when they went into the entranceway there wasn‘t much to see.   Just the round glass window that was broken into four pieces on the floor.  The Butz had broken the window and escaped through it.  The four nails that held the window in the frame had not been touched.1 


1. Barbisch 1987: 335f


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