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Landscape Path G-P-G

by Theresa König last modified 2007-02-19 13:08

Landscape Path G-P-G

Welcome to the Landscape path, Gaschurn – Partenen – Galtür!  The starting point for our expedition is the church in Gaschurn, near the dance arbour.  We’ll follow the street past the Tourism Museum, about 200 metres into the valley until we turn towards the Aussertafamunt or Outer Tafamunt just northeast of the Maria Schnee Chapel.  Looking towards the Pension Lucas, we discover old wooden stalls.  These are the last two huts left from a large ensemble of huts where the goats from 3 – 4 farmers were kept.  Just past the tennis courts we come to a forest street which we will follow for about 400 metres before we reach the foot path to Aussertafamunt.  Climbing up the mountain, the first thing we pass through are the young forests.  Stone walls, protecting the valley, fragments of clearance cairns, impressive Sycamore trees as well as the remains of rotting hay barns can be seen along the path before we reach the May Field settlement: Aussertafamunt. 
We hope you have a relaxing and educational hike! 


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