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Lake Zeinis

by Theresa König last modified 2007-02-19 13:41

Lake Zeinis

Even though it is near a busy hiking trail, Lake Zeinis, together with the bordering „Seebliesa “is an important habitat for many different species of flora and fauna.”  The small moor lake and the bordering Alpine swamp complex and the number of mountain pine growing in the wet, boggy ground, create an exciting contrast to the grass and number of mountain pine growing in the sunny Seebliesa.  The multitude of features and the corresponding partial habitats make an unusually rich plant and animal life possible.

For this reason it is important that we handle this beautiful resting place here at Lake Zeinis with care.  The area at the back of the lake is to be treated as a sanctuary for the various species of animals and plants and should therefore, not be disturbed.  You can lean back against the exposed rocks on the east side and turn your attention to the nearby and far off landscapes.  Here, you have your back to the Landscape Path.  Take a look to the east.  A narrow spot on the opposite shore is the focus of a remarkable view of the striking distinctive depressions in the hillside between the Fluhspitzen and the Faedner Spitze – which can be attributed to the softer layers of rock in the Kristallin.  The view to the east offers a look ahead at the crossover on the Zeinisjoch.  The prominent rock formation serves as a guide along the path, between the Zeinisjoch-house and the Zeinisjoch before the towering peak of the Gorfenspitze turns into the decisive element in the foreground. 


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