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Inner Ganifer

by Theresa König last modified 2007-02-19 13:32

Inner Ganifer

If you want to get onto the Landscape path to Galtuer over Ausserganifer – Schrofen, you take the shortest path from Partenen to Lake Wiegen.  From an historical point of view, this steep incline was the best link between the Ausserganifer May Field and the steep hay fields around the lake.  The regional border traffic, on the other hand, was the Partenen Loch- Ausserganifer- Innerganifer – Alpe Kops – Zeinisjoch – Kleinzeinis – Galtuer route.  On the Landscape Path, the hiker follows the old agriculture paths around the Wiege and the Verbella Alp first.  These paths were very important in the daily life of the inhabitants for over a half a century. 


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