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Site of Plates 3 and 4

by Theresa König last modified 2008-02-19 14:59

Site of Plates 3 and 4:

The oldest sedimentary rocks in Vorarlberg

General information:

Plates 3 and 4 as well as plates 21 and 22 on the other side of the geology trail give you information concerning the sedimentation environment of the layer sequence and the fossils of the oldest sediments in Vorarlberg. Turning uphill at plate 2  “Linde”, follow the asphalt road past the wayside shrine into the wooded hollow. Then you leave the road and continue uphill on a marked trail. Right after the turn off from the road, you come across plate 3 on the rock face. Following the trail past the cow shed at the end of the asphalt road, you see plate 4 on the rock at the embankment.

 At the bank of the road, past plate 2, next to the shrine, you can see the delicately foliated and finely laminated clay schists and sandstones. Near plate 3 there are coarsely grained conglomerates with intercalated sandstone layers of the Upper Carboniferous.

From the cowshed at the end of the road to plate 4 and further on to the next Maisäß- or May field house, the embankment is made up of red, violet and green-grey sandstone and clay schists with an embedment of green tuff (pietra verde), the sequence of the Alpiner Verrucano formation.

If you would like some special information concerning the Upper Carboniferous layers, press 1;
For information about the Alpiner Verrucano formation press 2;
and for information concerning the other plates of the Bartholomaeberg Geology Trail to Rellseck press 3.


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