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Obere Wies

by Theresa König last modified 2008-02-19 15:20

Obere Wies

General information:

From the Obere Wies you have a great view into the Klostertal or Kloster Valley at the Kloster Alps and the Lechquellen mountain range. You also get information concerning the Kössen formation, the youngest rock on the geology trail.

Obere Wies is the scenic point at plate 13 describing the Kloster valley, the chains of the Klostertal Alps and the Lechquellen mountain range. The whole sedimentary sequence can be seen live here but you can also look at it on plate 13. In the lower part of the pedestal you will find a second plate that explains the Koessener Layers. The Koessener Layers are exposed in the rocky hill to the south which is protected by national law.

While enjoying the view, you can get the names of the mountains from the plate.

For detailed information on the geology of the opposite slope and mountain chain, press 1.
Press 2 for information about the Kloster Valley.
Press 3 if you want information about the Koessener Layers.
For details about the living conditions of the fossil reef, press 4.
Press 5 for information about other parts of the Geology Hiking Path, up to Lake Fritzen – plate 22.


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