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Cultural History Hiking Trail

by Theresa König last modified 2007-02-19 15:05

Cultural History Hiking Trail

In comparison with similar examples in other tourist towns in the Alps, it’s surprising that Gaschurn has such a large number of objects to present that are of cultural history importance in such a relatively small area. Practically every town has a parish church that can give an overview of the artistic views in a specific era, but beyond that, Gaschurn has other buildings and facilities that have national relevance - like the only dance arbour left in Vorarlberg,  the Lukas Tschofen Parlour which is an important folkloristic relic of the country elite during feudal times in the 17th century, the Tourism museum in the old Early Mass house or the Maria Schnee Chapel, the landmark in Gaschurns and at the same time, a treasure of popular late baroque artwork.

We will begin our cultural history village walkabout at the Gaschurn Community Centre and walk towards the Parish Church.  The Lukas Tschofen Parlour is right at the beginning of the walk, on the right, behind the Community Centre.  50 meters from here, directly in front of St. Michael’s parish church, we turn to the right and can see the dance arbour in front of us.  Back to the Dorfstrasse, about 100 meters past the church we find the tourism museum.  After about another 100 meters, we turn right again and walk 150 meters along the street to the Maria Schnee Chapel.


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