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Torlas Sawmill

by Theresa König last modified 2007-02-19 08:33

Torlas Sawmill

Water from the Gampadel Brook was diverted at the end of the canyon to make a millrace along the side of the mountain.  “Torla”, the woman who owned the mill was a young widow who decided to run the saw by herself.  When the Gampadel power plant was built in 1924 she sold the saw frame and all of the accessories to someone in Bartholomaeberg/Innerberg.  About 30 meters upstream of the sawmill, the water ran the “Bohnerlis Mill” which burned down together with the house in 1859.  A new mill was built afterwards, but this too was pulled down after the Gampael plant was built.  All that can be seen of the mill today is a millstone that was incorporated into the masonry on the front right hand side of the house next door – Bitschweilstrasse, Nr. 22.  The water from the millrace also ran the “Muelliwiebers” Mill (which means something like “the Miller women’s mill”) just above Zelfenstrasse and below it the “Schmitta” or Smiths.  Although the Smith’s is still standing today it isn’t running.  If you go to the Gasthaus Löwen, there is a picture of the smith that was run on water, hanging over the “regulars” table.  The millrace can’t be seen anymore since the owners of the fields filled it up over time with clearing material so that it would be easier to farm the land. 

When you walk back to the village, make sure that you only walk on the screes from the Gampadel and Rasafei Brooks.

When you get to the park well, taste for yourself how good the drinking water is in Tschagguns.  Cheers!


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