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The Sulphur Spring

by Theresa König last modified 2007-02-19 13:00

Sulphur Spring

After a walk of about 7 minutes, you can see a large fen meadow just below the Bath Path.  The source of the sulphur spring is in this meadow but its exact location is only known to a few local people.  Please don’t go looking for the spring yourself because you can get your cuts on your arms and legs from the sharp reeds.  Unfortunately, this spring isn’t very productive.  Instead of a pipeline, you could use a straw to transport it.  Years ago, many of the locals collected the water and took it home to either drink because it was supposed to be good for the digestion, or to bathe in it since it was said to be good for rheumatism and varicose veins.  In 1953 the town of Tschagguns had the sulphur spring tested by the research institute Gastein from Badgastein because the then, world famous doctor, Edwin Albrich from the Spa in Schruns in the Montafon was interested in using this water in his spa. The test results showed that water from this sulphur spring exceeded the minimum amount necessary by more than 3 ½ times, making it a valuable, recommended curative water.  However, the spring only delivers about a quarter of a litre a minute which is about 360 litres a day – not even enough to fill up two bath tubs – completely unprofitable for a bath house.


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