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The Rasafei Brook

by Theresa König last modified 2007-02-16 14:14

Rasafei Brook

Now that you have reached the Rasafei Brook viewpoint, take the time to „Listen to the brawl of the brook, get close to its mighty elementary power, and breathe with the water.”
The Rasafei Brook drains an impressive valley starting at the Swiss border, namely, the Gauer Valley which stretches through the Drusenfluh and the Three Towers and finally ends at the Sulzfluh.  The total catchment area of the Rasafei Brook is 29 km² and it is 6.5 km long.  After the floods of 1762, 1764, 1817, 1879 and 1910 the people saw the brook as a dreaded raging torrent.  In 1910 the brook destroyed three houses, washed all of the bridges away and covered large areas of meadows with mud all the way to the Ill River.  In 1959 the torrent construction led to the taming of the brook with constructions that can still be seen today.  The course of the brook makes us aware of the diversity of the landscape – from marshlands to near natural forests and original Alpine habitats. 


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