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The Power Plant in Latschau

by Theresa König last modified 2007-02-16 14:01

Power Plant  in Latschau

The Latschau reservoir is situated at the foot of the Golm slope in the district of Latschau in the municipality of Tschagguns.  Latschau lies at an altitude of about 1,000 meters above sea level at the entrance to the Gauer Valley and is inhabited all year round with a population of about 500.  The Golm hiking and ski area can be reached from Latschau.  The comparatively large depression where Latschau is located is at about the same altitude as Partenen and about 350 meters over the valley sole in the outer Montafon.  It is therefore a good place for temporary water storage for the water from Partenen and the Lake Luener plant, pump storage water masses.  The Latschau reservoir is divided into two basins both of which are assigned to both of the Rodund plants.  The basins are usually worked together. 

The energy industrial importance of the Latschau reservoir lies on the one side with the daily storage of the upper water for the Rodund I and II plants, and on the other side with the function of lower water and pump water reserve basin for the Lake Luener plant.  The Latschau plant uses the 20 meter downward gradient between the tunnel exit and the Latschau reservoir.


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