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The Meaning of the Name Tschagguns

by Theresa König last modified 2007-02-16 13:49

The Meaning of the Name Tschagguns

There are a few different versions about the origin of the name “Tschagguns”.  The most probable one is that it comes from the Celtic word “iaccana” and means bath or well.  The Rhaetian-Romanian pronunciation of the initial sound as “tsch” as well as the fact that they put the stress on the second syllable, changed the word into Tschagguns.
Tschagguns has a total area of 57.68 km².  The natural borders of the village are the Ill River to the north, the border to Switzerland in the south, the town of St. Gallenkirch to the east and to the west the town of Vandans.
Tschagguns lies in the Raetikon mountain range in which two sizeable valleys have been cut.  The Gauer Valley with the Rasafei Brook and the Gampadel Valley with the Gampadels Brook.
The Parish Church in Tschagguns stands at an altitude of 684 m.  The highest rise, though is the Drusenfluh which is at an impressive 2,835 meters above sea level.
The population of the village is currently about 2,600.


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