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"Muelli Ferdi"

by Theresa König last modified 2007-03-22 17:10

"Mülli Ferdi"

The name „Muelli Ferdi“ means something like Ferdi the Miller which really has nothing to do with this sprightly man born in 1910.  More appropriate would be “Säge Ferdi” or Ferdi the sawyer, because although there isn’t a mill here any more there is a saw mill where “Mülli Ferdi” still works today.  The mill was next to the house on the right of the path and was run by the water from the Rasafei Brook.  The flood of 1910 caused the whole building to lean so much that it had to be torn down.  In 1917 a new mill was built and ran until 1926.  Not only here, in this area, but as far away as Vandans and Bartholomaeberg the mill was known for the fine flour it produced.


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