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The Leder Spring

by Theresa König last modified 2007-02-16 14:22

Leder Spring

If you walk along the Bad Path for a few meters, you will be able to hear the sound of the Leder Spring, known to the locals as the Leder Brook.  This is one of the largest springs in Europe, delivering between 380 and 400 litres per second.  The temperature of the water is a constant 4° centigrade, summer and winter!  The composition of the water makes it ideal for water supply in Vorarlberg.  The Vorarlberg Power Plant Corp. owns the rights to the water and feeds the Leder Spring water along with the water from the Gampadel Brook through a tunnel to the Bitschweil Reservoir.  Today we know that the spring is fed from underground waterways that run off from the Sulzfluh.

Years ago, the Leder Brook turned the water wheels that ran a saw mill that the locals called Bad Saw.  It burned down in 1928 but the fire passed the flour mill, which was called the Bad Mill or Bath Mill.  Because of this, the forest on the other side was named Mühle or Mill forest.  The mill was taken down when the Gampadel power plant was built.  From the Leder Brook you can look over to the Gampadel Brook.


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