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The Functions of the Ill Power Plants

by Theresa König last modified 2007-02-16 13:55

The Functions of the Ill Power Plants

The job of the Ill Power Plants is to provide energy.  The output of the power plants is made available to the consumer.  If less energy is consumed, it’s the Alpine storage and pump storage power plants that pump the water to the high up Luener Lake and the basins in Latschau in Tschagguns with the surplus electricity that cannot be stored.  In this way, the stored water can provide energy which can be fed into the network at any given time.  The Energie Baden-Würtemberg AG, the state of Tyrol and the state of Vorarlberg as well as the VKW or Vorarlberg Power Plant Corp. are all buyers of the energy produced here.

The transfer of energy from the power plants to the partners is carried out using high voltage power lines belonging to the Ill Power Plants.

Today the Ill Power Plant is building the Kopswerk II, a pumping station, storage power plant with 450 KW capacity in the turbine and pump operations in Gaschurn-Rifa.

The Ill Power Plants are owned by the state of Vorarlberg.

One of the results of liberalising the European electricity market was that the strengths of the Vorarlberg Power Companies, the Ill Power Plant Corp. and the Vorarlberg Power Plant Corp. were bundled together.  They are a part of the “Illwerke/VKW Gruppe” group as independent companies with a common management. 


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