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The Aqua Stairs

by Theresa König last modified 2007-02-16 14:39

Aqua Stairs

Water from the Bitschweil reservoir is pumped through the penstock at the Gampadel power plant on the valley floor to the district of Zelfen.  The Aqua Stairs run alongside of the penstock.  There is a difference in altitude of 400 metres from start to finish with a total of 914 stairs if you count the wooden and stone stairs on the landings.

It is only permitted to take the stairs up because the danger of slipping is too great when going down. 

There is a small path leading to the first flight of stairs.  194 stairs later, the path leads to the next set of stairs, which are also interrupted by landings.  The hardest part is the end where there are 537 stairs without a break and the stairs keep getting higher and higher.  The top of the stairs and at the same time the finish line is marked by a turnstile close to the Bitschweil snack bar.  It is only permitted to take the Aqua path or the Bitschweilstrasse back down.  You could also have someone pick you up at the snack bar with a car. 

You must decide for yourself if you are in good enough shape to take the stairs.  The fastest student in the Secondary Ski School in Schruns – 11 year old Bernhard Graf – holds the record of 13 minutes and 47 seconds from bottom to top.

OK – Let’s Go!


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